Michiyo Honma is one of the leading performers of modern harpsichord on the international scene. She has commissioned several works with the Danish composers during the last few years and has compiled here a collection of world premier recordings. The composers involved in this project unanimously praise Honma’s performance as outstanding.

1. Tempus fugit op.179 (Ib Nørholm)
2. Fugitive encounter in the form of a sort of scherzo (Bo Andersen)
3. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Adagio (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
4. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Moderato (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
5. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Largo (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
6. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Largo (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
7. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Vivace (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
8. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Andante (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
9. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Andante con moto (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
10. Studies for harpsichord: Tranquillo (Bernhard Lewkovitch)
11. Studies for harpsichord: Vivo (Bernhard Lewkovitch)
12. Studies for harpsichord: Crotchet = c.92 (Bernhard Lewkovitch)
13. Studies for harpsichord: Crotchet = c.60 (Bernhard Lewkovitch)
14. Studies for harpsichord: Allegro, non troppo (Bernhard Lewkovitch)
15. Studies for harpsichord: Crotchet = c.80 (Bernhard Lewkovitch)
16. Studies for harpsichord: Crotchet = c.56 (Bernhard Lewkovitch)
17. Gensoo-kyoku: Imaginations (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)
18. A path of snow and creaking op.134 (Ib Nørholm)

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