SCCD 31307 Bill Evens..Person We Knew / Larry Schneider & Andy LaVerne

Bill Evans (1929-1980) has been one of the most influential figures on mainstream jazz piano over the past three decades, especially for the younger generation whose formative years were spent in the late 60s and the 70s.

LaVerne having studied first-hand with Evans and Schneider recorded with him over the two years prior to Evans’ death, those two musicians made this recording more than just a tribute but an intriguing chronicle of an extraordinary musical life.

“.. .immortal music interpreted by the two inspiring musicians: a regale of intelligence and emotion …” (Jazz in Time)

1. Re: Person I knew (Bill Evans)
2. 34 skidoo (Bill Evans)
3. Dream gypsy (Veevers)
4. Orbit (Bill Evans)
5. Time remembered (Bill Evans)
6. Show-type tune (Bill Evans)
7. Detour ahead (Carter/Ellis/Frigo)
8. Israel (Johnny Carisi)
9. Elsa (Earl Zindars)
10. Funkallero (Bill Evans)
11. Bill's signature (Bill Evans)

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