SCCD 31201 Three / Khan Jamal, Johnny Dyani & Pierre Dørge

“.. .World music fans, gather round. This trio recording shows us how well a basically American form of music can travel…There is a seamless, almost telepathic quality to the music…One of the best of this year so far .” (Stuart Kremsky, Sound Choice)

1. Lilli goes to town (Pierre Dørge)
2. Bhala (Johnny Dyani)
3. Blueslife (Khan Jamal)
4. Tjader (Khan Jamal)
5. MK speak of the nation (Johnny Dyani)
6. A bomb (Khan Jamal)
7. Children of the third world (Khan Jamal)
8. Three (Khan Jamal)

UPC/EAN: 716043120123