SCCD 31304 You Leave Me Breathless / Junior Cook Quintet

On this his last date, Junior Cook goes out as he came in and as he’s spent his entire career, blowing deeply felt hard bop. …Everything fits what you’d expect, and the formula results in high quality, though not flashy, music….Cook will be missed, but lovers of solid bop saxophones shouldn’t miss this disk .” (David Dupont, Cadence)

1. Junior's cook (Junior Cook)
2. Envoy (Valery Ponomarev)
3. Warm valley (Duke Ellington)
4. Sweet Lotus lips (Mickey Tucker)
5. Vierd blues (Miles Davis)
6. You leave me breathless (Frederick Hollander)
7. Fiesta español (Cedar Walton)
8. Mr P.C. (John Coltrane)

UPC/EAN: 716043130429