SCCD 31377 New Autumn / Harold Danko Quartet

Another exciting session by Harold Danko and his close-knit ensemble. Once again the focus is on Danko’s intriguing compositions. Prior to the recording, the quartet gave a special concert at the Manhattan School of Music playing the entire programme for this CD. His first SteepleChase leader album with the same group “ Next Age ” SCCD 31350 from 1993 has brought him wider recognition he deserved as a band leader/ pianist/composer.

1. Notzenytz (Harold Danko)
2. Fresh space (Harold Danko)
3. Ticket to obscurity (Harold Danko)
4. New autumn (Harold Danko)
5. Hamsters (Harold Danko)
6. Omnipreception (Harold Danko)
7. Hopelessness regained (Harold Danko)
8. Other things in the space (Harold Danko)
9. Sizzle (Harold Danko)

UPC/EAN: 716043137725