George Colligan – Isolation (SCCD 31692)

Since his recording debut (1995) in Activism (SCCD 31382), George Colligan has proven to be a leading instrumentalist/composer of the younger generation, whose prolific outputs since received international acclaim from both critics and public.

On this new release – third solo album on the label, Mark Gardner remarks, “… this particular release, to my ears, is of greater significance as it reveals the unalloyed core of his music and the man's ultimate self-reliance.

1. Song For Sinne (George Colligan)
2. Lonely Wind (George Colligan)
3. Dead Of Winter (George Colligan)
4. Flint Michigan (George Colligan)
5. The Wrong Stuff (George Colligan)
6. Isolation (George Colligan)
7. The Secret Of Andreas' Beard (George Colligan)
8. Simple Pleasures (George Colligan)
9. The Old Danish Castle (George Colligan)
10. The Road Back (George Colligan)
11. Regrets (George Colligan)

UPC/EAN: 716043169221