SCCD 33132 Gene Segal “Spiral”

(New Release April 2017, Shipping April 5)

Guitarist/composer Gene Segal is rapidly becoming a stalwart regular player of SteepleChase Lookout with this his 3rd album, for which Gene assembles an organ trio. With his unpredictable, open, unconventional style still intact Segal applies a mini paradigm shift to straighter jazz and reveals a new dimension.

While Segal still loves the funk, as the opening “Healing Feeling” definitively shows, the remainder of the album doesn’t easily fit into any one musical pigeonhole; unless there’s a category at your local music store called “accomplished, original jazz-rock from out of left-field.” (Dave Wayne – AAJ on SCCD 33114)

  • GENE SEGAL guitar
  • BRIAN CHARETTE Hammond B3 organ
  • BRUCE COX drums

Recorded December 2015 & May 2016

1 SPIRAL (Gene Segal) 6:15
2 CREEPER (Gene Segal) 5:40
3 TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY (Gene Segal) 7:50
4 US (Gene Segal) 5:47
5 DHARMA (Gene Segal) 6:14
6 HIDDEN PLACE (Björk Guðmundsdóttir) 6:11
7 SUNKEN TREASURE (Gene Segal) 5:53
8 INTO NIGHT (Gene Segal) 4:41
9 BLUES OUT (Gene Segal) 4:27
10 SOULSTICE (Gene Segal) 6:34

Total Playing Time 59:33

UPC: 7 16043 31322 8

Listen to track 1 here: SPIRAL (MP3 SAMPLE)