SCCD 33114 Gene Segal “Mental Images”

Russian-Born Gene Segal, who moved to USA as a child, is one of the elite guitarists of younger generation from the New York scene. After receiving Master’s Degree in composition from prestigious William Patterson University Gene immersed himself in New York’s competitive and creative milieu to find his own voice as an instrumentalist and composer.

This Gene Segal’s SteepleChase Lookout debut is the first glimpse into an ever-evolving artist revealing his fascination with Olivier Messiaen, one of the most important composers of the 20 th century.

1. Healing Feeling (Gene Segal)
2. Allegory Of The Cave (Gene Segal)
3. Minds Eye (Gene Segal)
4. Irrational Drives (Gene Segal)
5. The Bearded Lady (Gene Segal)
6. Trapeze Act (Gene Segal)
7. The Ringmaster (Gene Segal)
8. Elephants (Gene Segal)

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