SteepleChase is proud to present the leader debut album by organist Gary Versace, who was voted a “rising star” on the Hammond Organ in Downbeat’s 2004 Critics Poll. SteepleChase’ new recording artist Gary Versace is one of the

most sought after organists/pianists/accordionists on the elite scene of jazz

all over the world.

Unveiled here is the already mature style of a witty and wise player who has developed a most individual response to the challenges posed by an instrument which offers a myriad possibilities for this highly perceptive practitioner …” (Mark Gardner)

1. Homeland (Gary Versace)
2. 2 2 2 (Gary Versace)
3. First Things Last (Gary Versace)
4. Excuse My Shoes (John Abercrombie)
5. Time And Again (Gary Versace)
6. Ours (Gary Versace)
7. Russian Playground (Gary Versace)

UPC/EAN: 716043157228