32240 Per Nørgård: In Memory Of…



Recorded in the Concert Hall at the Royal Academy of Music, Århus

PER NØRGÅRD (b. 1932):

1LIBRA, version for guitar solo (1973) 13:10

I. Preludio – II. Aria con Interludio – III. Postludio

2RETURNS, for guitar solo (1976) 10:36

3IN MEMORY OF…, for guitar solo (1978) 8:21

4PAPALAGI, minute music for guitar and second hand (1981) 9:28

TALES FROM A HAND, progressive pieces for guitar solo in four suites

5Suite I – IN THE MOOD OF SPADES (1985) 8:07

I. The King of Spades – II. The Queen of Spades – III. The Ace of Spades

6Suite II – THE LADY OF HEARTS (1995) 8:09

I. Courtly Dance (Sarabande) – II. Street-Dance (with four Variations)

7MATING DANCE, for flute and guitar* (1978) 11:57

Total Playing Time 70:23

1. Libra (Per Nørgård)
2. Returns (Per Nørgård)
3. In Memory Of … (Per Nørgård)
4. Papalagi from Tales From A hand (Per Nørgård)
5. Suite I – In the mood of spades (Per Nørgård)
6. Suite II – The lady of hearts (Per Nørgård)
7. Mating dance (Per Nørgård)

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