SteepleChase’ new recording artist Eric Rasmussen is among the young elites of New York jazz scene. His debut album here casts refreshing light on the special music evolved through the teachings of pianist Lennie Tristano and turns its inspirational source into deeply personal and emotional music of his own.


1. Friendlee (Lee Konitz)
2. I Can't Remember (Eric Rasmussen)
3. Dixie's Dilemma (Warne Marsh)
4. Background Music (Warne Marsh)
5. It's You (Lee Konitz)
6. 317 E. 32nd Street (Lennie Tristano)
7. Marshmallow (Warne Marsh)
8. Kary's Trance (Lee Konitz)
9. Every Breath (Nate Radley)
10. Wow (Lennie Tristano)

UPC/EAN: 716043162321