SCCD 31322 For You, For Me, For Evermore / Eddie Harris

As the composer of the famous “Freedom Jazz Dance” and with the million seller success of his recording of “Exodus” , Eddie Harris (b. Oct. 20, 1934 in Chicago) is probably the most prominent Chicago tenor.

This Copenhagen recording, however, will be the most significant accomplishment of Harris’ jazz career. The duet with himself project was a result of an accident (the piano player did not show up!). Resourceful, versatile and ever creative Eddie Harris took the two instruments in his hand and conjured up this astonishing one-man show.

“.. .Imagine, one can swing so intensely to an implied rhythm !” (Politiken)

1. I remember you (Johnny Mercer)
2. The end of the day (Eddie Harris)
3. For you, for me, for evermore (George Gershwin)
4. If I should lose you (Robin/Rainger)
5. You stole my heart (Eddie Harris)
6. Night and day (Cole Porter)
7. Everything happens to me (Adair/Dennis)
8. Salute to Bags (Eddie Harris)
9. All alone (Eddie Harris)
10. Fly little bird, fly (Donald Byrd)

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