SCCD 31053 Misty Thursday / Duke Jordan Quartet

The 1970s were Duke Jordan’s most creative and productive years. This album is one of the fine releases from that period. The quartet here includes guitarist Chuck Wayne, another great bebop instrumentalist.

Ce disque…mérite � tous coups un grand prix! ….” (Laurent Goddet, Jazz Hot)

“… Like all of (Duke’s) records it will endure long after so much of today’s music is forgotten .” (Mark Gardner)

1. There's a star for you (Duke Jordan)
2. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)
3. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)
4. Night train from Snekkersten (Duke Jordan)
5. Jealous blues (Duke Jordan)
6. Lady Linda (Duke Jordan)
7. I'm gonna learn your style (Duke Jordan)
8. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)
9. Night train from Snekkersten (Duke Jordan)

UPC/EAN: 716043105328