SCCD 31142 Midnight Moonlight / Duke Jordan

“.. .The solo album here showcases Jordan as pianist/composer, all 12 pieces are his, a review of 30 years of writing, and it is a delight from first to last notes….this music is timeless .” (Terry Martin, Downbeat)

“…. 40 minutes of graceful songs without words …” (Peter Stevens, Windsor Star)

1. Midnight moonlight (Duke Jordan)
2. Dance in plaid (Duke Jordan)
3. Wait and see (Duke Jordan)
4. Mellow mood (Duke Jordan)
5. Yes I will (Duke Jordan)
6. Table chess (Duke Jordan)
7. Orange mist (Duke Jordan)
8. Gabrielle's wish (Duke Jordan)
9. Jordanish (Duke Jordan)
10. Swedish honey (Duke Jordan)
11. Danish pastry (Duke Jordan)
12. St. Germain (Duke Jordan)

UPC/EAN: 716043114320