SCCD 36004 Cry Me A River / Dexter Gordon & Atli Bjørn Trio

Dexter In Radioland vol. 1

Dexter In Radioland is a mini series within the 36000 “classic” series and there are 7 volumes capturing Dexter in the very best period of his career. Copenhagen was his adoptive home in the 60s and the recordings here took place in the famous jazz club Montmartre with packed with enthusiastic audiences night after night.

“… it is difficult to forget the staggering impact made by Dexter Gordon during his early sorties before European audiences….These splendid recordings celebrate Dexter’s first year in Europe and confirm that what we heard then was every bit as good as it seemed….There is a bonus…Atli Bjørn’s highly economical and individual style deserved a wider audience …” (Jazz Journal)

“… there is every reason to join in the cheering of the audience. Remember him this way .” (The Times)

1. Introduction ()
2. I'll remember April (DePaul/Raye)
3. The Thrill Is Gone (Brown/Henderson)
4. Cry me a river (Hamilton)
5. Suite (Atli Bjørn)

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