SCCD 31480 Shades Of Miles / Dave Stryker

Dave Stryker, who is ever striving to meet a new challenge, re-examines here on his 12 th album on the label, the impact of Miles Davis’ music from the late 60s. Based on the sound and format of Miles’ “Bitches Brew” period, Stryker creates intriguing music of his own.

In the linernotes, renowned tenorman David Liebman comments,

”… Dave Stryker and his band have created a wonderful and joyous palette of sound for you to enjoy with the ghost of the Prince of Darkness looming in the shadows. I could imagine Miles listening and voicing his approval of this recording. Enjoy!!

1. Topaz (Dave Stryker)
2. Sienna (Dave Stryker)
3. Orchid (Dave Stryker)
4. Jade (Dave Stryker)
5. Cobalt (Dave Stryker)
6. Fuchsia (Brian Lynch)

UPC/EAN: 716043148028