SCCD 31426 Big Room / Dave Stryker Quartet

On his latest album Dave Stryker put together a superlative group featuring the New York scene’s most original tenor saxophonist Rick Perry.

With his

enormous technique, rock-hard swing, and a penchant for finely-sculpted solos ” (Chicago Weekly)


with a soulful, Grant Green tone and one of the most natural sense of melodic invention …”(The Seattle Times)

Dave Stryker welcomes you to the Big Room.

1. Big room (Dave Stryker)
2. Nascimento (Dave Stryker)
3. Hymn (Dave Stryker)
4. Jabali (Dave Stryker)
5. Mood (Dave Stryker)
6. Arrival (Dave Stryker)
7. Hymn (reprise) (Dave Stryker)

UPC/EAN: 716043142620