32227 Martinu: Musique de Chambre


SVEND MELBYE flute (4), JOAKIM DAM THOMSEN oboe (2,4), EVA ÅBERG clarinet (2), ANNA KLETT clarinet (1,3,4), GUNNAR ECKHOFF bassoon (2,3,4), HENNING HANSEN French horn (4), SØREN ELBÆK violin (1,2,3,4), MAJDI ELBÆK violin (2), PIOTR ZELAZNY viola (1,4), ANNE TURNER cello (1,3), TROELS SVANE HERMANSEN cello (4), IDA ROSTRUP double bass (4), JAKOB WESTH piano (1,2,3), METTE FRANCK harp (1)



for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, harp & piano (1)

RONDI (1930)

for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, 2 violins & piano (2)

LA REVUE DE CUISINE (1930) [15:29]

for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, cello & piano (3)

NONETTO (1959)

for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, violin, viola, cello & double bass (4)

Total Playing Time 65:03

Recorded 1995-96

Since its foundation in 1991, the Danish Chamber Players which consist of leading instrumentalists of younger generation have been giving numerous concerts throughout Denmark and abroad.

On their first recording for Kontrapunkt, the Players chose the intriguing works by Martinu including the premiere recording of RONDI.

1. Musique de chambre No. 1: I Allegro moderato (Bohuslav Martinu)
2. Musique de chambre No. 1: II Andante moderato (Bohuslav Martinu)
3. Musique de chambre No. 1: III Poco allegro (Bohuslav Martinu)
4. Rondi: I Poco allegro (Bohuslav Martinu)
5. Rondi: II Poco andantino (Bohuslav Martinu)
6. Rondi: III Allegro (Bohuslav Martinu)
7. Rondi: IV Tempo di valse (Bohuslav Martinu)
8. Rondi: V Andantino (Bohuslav Martinu)
9. Rondi: VI Allegro vivo (Bohuslav Martinu)
10. La revue de cuisine: Prologue. Allegro (Bohuslav Martinu)
11. La revue de cuisine: Tango. Lento (Bohuslav Martinu)
12. La revue de cuisine: Charleston. Poco a poco allegro (Bohuslav Martinu)
13. La revue de cuisine: Final. Tempo di marcia (Bohuslav Martinu)
14. Nonetto: Poco allegro (Bohuslav Martinu)
15. Nonetto: Andante (Bohuslav Martinu)
16. Nonetto: Allegretto (Bohuslav Martinu)

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