SCCD 31842 Chris Byars “New York City Jazz”

Chris Byars, the award winning alto saxophonist, composer, arranger, jazz historian and a 100% native New Yorker set out to “curate the state of jazz to create a sort of time capsule” (Chris Byars) for this new album.

What Byars successfully presents here is the genuine creative aspiration that prevails in world’s most diverse and competitive artistic environment.

Chris Byars has done a remarkable job reviving these neglected compositions of Frank Strozier while also putting his own stamp on them with his inventive arrangements.” (Ken Dryden – New York City Jazz on SCCD 31824 The Music Of Frank Strozier)

Chris Byars alto saxophone, Flute
John Mosca trombone
Stefano Doglioni bass clarinet
Ari Roland bass
Stefan Schatz drums

Recorded December 2016

1 TRANSFIGURATION (Gigi Gryce) 5:59
2 QUICK TURNAROUND (Chris Byars) 8:11
3 DAWN IN THE CITY (Freddie Redd) 6:01
4 HOT DOG (Chris Byars) 8:12
5 NO MESSAGE (Chris Byars) 6:48
6 CHESS (Chris Byars) 9:08
7 BRIDGE OF LOCKS (Chris Byars) 5:13
8 THE GENERAL’S SONG (Tarek Abdel-Hakim) 5:50
9 B.G.’S HOLIDAY (Gigi Gryce) 9:21

Total Playing Time 64:48

Arranged by Chris Byars

UPC 716043184224