Chris Byars-saxophone/composer/arranger in continuing his pursuit of tapping into the rich musical legacy of unsung heroes of jazz pays tribute this time to Lucky Thompson.

“Chris Byars, who leads an octet through the enclosed tribute to the compositional achievements of Thompson, studied Lucky's canon with the same love and understanding that he has brought to the music of Gigi Gryce, Teddy Charles and Jimmy Cleveland…… I hoped that Lucky's spirit was hearing it too, for he had good reason to feel pride in this creative music.” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes)

1. Theme (Lucky Thompson)
2. Munsoon (Lucky Thompson)
3. Old Reliable (Lucky Thompson)
4. Passionately Yours (Lucky Thompson)
5. Tiptop (Mark Lopeman)
6. Fanfare (Lucky Thompson)
7. Minik Koosh (Chris Byars)
8. Notorious Love (Lucky Thompson)
9. Another Whirl (Lucky Thompson)
10. Could I Meet You Later? (Lucky Thompson)
11. Just One More Chance (Arthur Johnston)
12. Two Steps Out (Lucky Thompson)
13. Down The Stretch (Lucky Thompson)

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