“…there is a special world of meticulous jazz composition envisaged by the creative sensibility of Gigi Gryce to be re-discovered in Blue Lights . And the interpretation of those works by Chris Byars and his men is to be applauded and cherished. They are both authentic and inspired.”

(Mark Gardner – from the linernotes)

1. Lucky Swing (Chris Byars)
2. Sans Souci (Gigi Gryce)
3. Al-Ghashiyah (Gigi Gryce)
4. The Infant Song (Gigi Gryce)
5. Baba's Blues (Gigi Gryce)
6. Shabozz (Gigi Gryce)
7. Blue Lights (Gigi Gryce)
8. Anne Marie (Gigi Gryce)

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