SCCD 33109 Burak Bedikyan Quartet “Circle of Life”

Burak Bedikyan is a burgeoning jazz pianist/composer from Turkey, one unlikely jazz country in spite of the nation’s historical and cultural heritage which is close to the Western world.

Classically trained Bedikyan was introduced to jazz though workshop in modern theory conducted by Aydin Esen, a widely respected Turkish jazz pianist and composer in 1996. Since then Bedikyan has thrived in jazz and here his development culminates in this debut album in collaboration with three supburb American jazz artists: Chris Potter (sax), Peter Washington (bass) and Bill Stewart (drums).

“….his music sits at the gateway of East and West, opening a window into his native culture, and helping to raise the profile of yet another nation on the jazz stage ….” (Neil Tesser from the liner notes)

1. First Steps (Burak Bedikyan)
2. Here, There, Everywhere (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
3. Do You Still Have Hope? (Burak Bedikyan)
4. For Old Times Sake (Burak Bedikyan)
5. Prayer For Forgiveness Part 1: Delusion (Burak Bedikyan)
6. Prayer For Forgiveness Part 2: Serenity (Burak Bedikyan)
7. Joy Of Giving (Burak Bedikyan)
8. TF (for Tommy Flanagan) (Burak Bedikyan)
9. Intro (Burak Bedikyan)
10. Melancholia (Burak Bedikyan)
11. Circle Of Life (Burak Bedikyan)
12. 19.01.2001 (in the memory of Hrant Dink) (Burak Bedikyan)

UPC/EAN: 716043310920