SCCD 37035/36 Northsea Festival / Buck Hill Quartet

Previously issued on SCCD 31160 & SCCD 31173

Buck Hill is one of the most notable ‘regional’ jazzmen in America …” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz)

“… the saxophonist is continuously improving…his contribution is ever convincingly superb ..” (Jazz Magazine)

1. Easy to love (Cole Porter)
2. Little face (Reuben Brown)
3. Mr. Barrow (Reuben Brown)
4. Spaces (Reuben Brown)
5. Brakes (Buck Hill)
6. Two chord Molly (Buck Hill)
1. Alone together (Arthur Schwartz)
2. Penn Station (Reuben Brown)
3. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern)
4. Impressions (John Coltrane)
5. Spaces (Reuben Brown)

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