SCCD 31120 Pour Django / Boulou Ferré & Elios Ferré

The debut album by Boulou and Elios Ferré is dedicated to Django Reinhardt to whom the Brothers owe their musical background as gypsy musicians.

Boulou Ferré (b. April 24, 1951 in Paris) gave his first concert at the Musée Guimet in Paris at the age of 8. He made his first recording when he was 10. Duke Ellington was one of the first to spot this prodigy and remarked “ Boulou is a rainbow across Django’s genius .”

With younger brother Elios (b. December 18, 1956 in Paris) Boulou formed this guitar duet in 1972. The Ferré Brothers soon became one of the most popular groups in Europe dazzling audiences with their lively, imaginative interplay.

1. Pour Django (Boulou Ferré)
2. Douce ambience (Django Reinhardt)
3. Marshmallow (Warne Marsh)
4. Svetlana (Boulou Ferré)
5. Rhythm futur (Django Reinhardt)
6. Nuages (Django Reinhardt)
7. La folle (Joseph Ferre)
8. Here, there and everywhere (Paul McCartney)
9. Michto pelo (Boulou Ferré)

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