A sequel to Gerhardt’s successful first solo album All That I Have SCCD 31661 portraits the pianist/composer in deeply personal picture.

“…, those who listened to and loved "All That I Have" will find further delightful satisfaction in encountering the nine parts that make up "Momentum". Together they embody the true essence of Bill's musical philosophy . (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes)

1. One For Herbie (Bill Gerhardt)
2. Daughter (Bill Gerhardt)
3. Amsterdam (Bill Gerhardt)
4. Coincidences (Bill Gerhardt)
5. Sleet (Bill Gerhardt)
6. Emerald (Bill Gerhardt)
7. Cloud Field (Bill Gerhardt)
8. Gary's Waltz (Gary McFarland)
9. Momentum (Bill Gerhardt)

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