SCCD 31781 Andrew Rathbun Quintet “Numbers & Letters”

Ian Patterson of AAJ remarked, Rathbun's music is intellectually challenging and yet immediately accessible…”, when he was reviewing The Idea of North (SCCD 31762) Rathbun’s previous album.

New York-based Canadian saxophonist/composer Andrew Rathbun has been releasing series of innovative albums which delight us with consistent creative and entertaining quality. Here on his latest recording Rathbun joins forces with NY’s finest rhythm section to produce another unique instrumental jazz.

This outstanding release remains fresh with each hearing, as new facets of these performances become apparent to the listener .” (Ken Dryden – AAJ on Shadow Forms SCCD 31598)

1. Bad Call (Andrew Rathbun)
2. Tears And Fears (Andrew Rathbun)
3. Playpen (Andrew Rathbun)
4. Pencil And Paper (Andrew Rathbun)
5. Crawl Out (Andrew Rathbun)
6. Sleep Please (Andrew Rathbun)
7. Swing Set (Andrew Rathbun)
8. Counterpoint (Andrew Rathbun)
9. Sculpy (Andrew Rathbun)
10. Again? (Andrew Rathbun)
11. Etude (Andrew Rathbun)

UPC/EAN: 716043178124